Can You Bring a Razor On A Plane? Complete Guide

Before going on a trip, consider choosing the right bag to pack your stuff. You can nither put everything in your carry-on nor in a checked bag.

As many people are much curious about packing of daily life tools including different household items along with shavers. So you must need to know can you bring a razor on a plane? It is a significant consideration of what you need or wants to take off with you. Are you permitted to keep all your desired particulars in hand carry? Or they are only allowed in checked bags. 

Can you bring a razor on a plane?

Razor is a very useful tool for daily life. Hence, while travelling, It is an important and crucial question that Can you bring a razor on a plane? The answer to this question is yes, you can bring a razor on the plane but only some specific razors. There are numerous types of razors. So you should know about the required specification before getting them with you. For example, a disposable razor is allowed, whose cartridges are interchangeable. While a razor blade, either alone or in a mileage cutter box, is not permitted.

Summing up the answer in a single yes or no is difficult. Many people believe that razors are dangerous, so they are banned in planes while traveling. Due to its significant role in daily life, many travelers are anxious about this matter. You can pack a razor in your hand carry or checked bag, depending on the type of razor.

 According to rules, airlines have banned bringing items that could harm any individual, like cutters, blades, scissors, etc. Razors with edges inside the razor can also be harmful and able injure someone. Due to these reasons, travelers have restrictions on bringing them in hand carry. 

Considering all the possible dangers, razors are still permitted to bring along on the plane. Passengers are allowed to keep them along with their other particulars. A crucial thing to understand in this regard is that you should pack the razors appropriately. You can pack it in a plastic bag in a decent way.

Can You Bring a Shaving Razor on a Plane? 

As we know that razors are of several categories like shaving razors, electric razors, plan razors etc. So it is necessary to know which type of razor you can bring on a plan. For this stance, we will discuss each type in detail. First of all we will explain: can you bring a shaving razor on a plane? Shaving razors are of two types: those with removable blades and others with fixed edges. Experts recommend using shavers with fixed blades inside than removable ones. It is easy and safe to use razors with blades inside. 

  • Safety razors are razors with detachable blades. Since removing the edge of this type of razor is easy, TSA banned them from being taken in hand carry. You can only put them in hand carry after removing the blades. It would be best to keep the razors with blades or alone blades in the checked luggage.
  • Straight razors have sharp edges, and one can remove their blades easily. So the airlines have banned these razors from keeping them in a carry-on with attached blades. You can keep them in the checked luggage by suitably insulating them.
  • Disposable razors are the type of razor that has a head with interchangeable cartridges. Although they have removable blades, TSA has allowed them to keep these razors in carry-on and checked baggage.
  • Regular razors that don’t require batteries are permissible to bring in hand carry or checked bags. Razors that acquire batteries (built-in or changeable) can also pack in a carry-on and checked baggage.

Can You Bring an Electric Razor on a Plane?

Just like shaving razors, electric razors are also very important for daily life. People who prefer to use electric razors mostly ask the question that can you bring an electric razor on a plane? Electric razors are permitted in both carry-on and checked luggage. Although they are allowed, they also have limitations. These razors are distinguished based on the battery they use. 

Electric razors with lithium metal or lithium-ion batteries are dangerous to carry in checked bags. Considering this, shavers with lithium batteries are preferred to keep in the hand carry. On the other hand, alkaline batteries are relatively safe. You can carry the items with alkaline batteries in a carry-on or checked bag.

 The central fact for this type of restriction is the temperature and pressure of the checked cube bags. Batteries are susceptible in terms of temperature and pressure. Excessive pressure of luggage in the checked bag can cause the battery to heat up. This may result in fire, leakage, or explosion. The leakage of the battery can damage all your stuff in the bag. So, it would be best to keep the electric shavers in your hand carry for your safety and other passengers’ safety.

Rules about bringing razors on planes may differ for different airlines. Some airlines may allow a particular type of razor, while others may not. So you should check the rules of the relevant airline before traveling to avoid any issues. This is also important for the safety of you and other passengers onboard.

TSA Rules:

TSA stands for “Transportation Security Administration.” This is responsible for the security of the airline, airfield, and passengers. TSA is all set to create rules and regulations for transportation. This may include the rules for carrying goods in hand carry or checked bags. 

TSA banned several items, including everyday usage or personal goods, which we may not consider dangerous. Still, airlines need to allow them. You can bring razors on a plane but within some limitations. Because someone could use them as a weapon. That’s why TSA forbids sharp objects and batteries for the sake of the security of the passengers.   


Many people ask the question, can you bring a razor on a plane? In this article, we have covered the complete information in this regard.

First, ensure the type of razor you want to bring with you. You can bring a razor with you, but not all types. After it, check the rules about that item from the website of the corresponding airline or TSA. Always keep any sharp object or battery packed in a transparent bag. An unpacked blade may injure you while finding something in the bag. In this regard, insulation can protect you from being a cause to harm yourself.

Several different rules about razors may confuse you. As sharp objects can be considered weapons, TSA security offers don’t allow them in handbags. So, it is better to keep the blade in the checked bag. 

Although a razor is a daily everyday usage item, it is not always necessary to bring it with you. It is a very cheap product that you can buy after departure. But if you are eager to get your razor with you, disposable or electric razors are best in this regard. You are allowed to bring an electric razor with you but with an alkaline battery. Cover them in a transparent bag to show them to the security officer. This way could reduce the issues at the airport.

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