Cushionaire Sandals & Shoes for Women

A nice pair of sandals is a must for hot summer outbreaks, for vacation, a trip to a hill station, or any other. Even if you want to travel to a hot weather environment and want to keep your feet fresh and dry, excellent sandal is necessary. For all these problems, cushionaire sandals are perfect for covering and protecting your feet.

These sandals are very comfy and sturdy; you can walk around easily. The material of the sandals is of high quality, soft and slippery. The iconic and fashionable design will be a good fit for the connectivity. The design is really productive, and you can use it as outdoor slippers or indoors also. 

Cushionaire Sandals

When it comes to the debate of ease and comfort for sandals, cushionaire sandals beat every other with their highly successful and demanding production. In style, they resemble Birkenstocks, a relatively expensive and renowned brand. But cushionaire provides products with the same features but at a low and affordable price.

The affordable price range enables people to buy them for excellent assembly comfort. People love to buy it instead of Birkenstocks. The deep heel is comfortable and also acts as a shock absorbed when you struggle to travel in hilly places.

The sandal’s sole is sturdy enough to prevent you from any pointing object under the feet. It has a buckle closure type that makes it able to fit the shoe according to your fitting size. Some people have a shoe size perfect for the length of their feet, but it may feel wide or narrow. For that reason, cushionaire shoes have an adjustable shoe strap, making them easy for a person to use. Its long-lasting features have a significant impact on using it freely. 

1. CUSHIONAIRE Women's Lane Cork Footbed Sandal

CUSHIONAIRE Women's Lane Cork Footbed Sandal

One of the finest and comfy sandals from the cushionaire brand is the cushionaire women’s lane cork footbed sandal. The shoe material is ethylene vinyl acetate, which has the perfect texture to wear. The total genuine soles form an ideal contour with the shape of the feet after wearing them.

The leather of the cushionaire shoes is premium faux, has a soft lining to relax the feet, and is pretty well established. The double straps give a wild dimension to the feet ‘ support. The buckles are adjustable according to the size of your feet, regardless of the length and fluffy feet. This gives a plus point as someone else whom you prefer can also wear it if the sandal size of you both is approximately equal. This unique design also helps to shape the foot ideally, not to allow it to splend widely. 

The shock-absorbant not only gives protection from inappropriate surfaces like mountains but also gives quick relief. People find it perfect as a soft pillow below their feet. Cushionaire sandals are available in all sizes ranging from 5 to 13 wide. All the measures have options in the sole width, which is a bit deep for greater perfection. 

The design is very tricky and astonishing as you can pair it up with all your wardrobe. It gives more to your fashion as it is a good match for indoor and outdoor activities. The cushionaire shoes are preferably an excellent gift for your loved ones. They are durable enough to drag over concrete and inappropriate or hilly surfaces, so they create a massive impact on your outing and are a must in your accessories. 




Cushionaire sandals VS Birkenstocks sandals

These are almost identical in shape and appearance but differ in some features. 


Cushionaire shoes are made up of ethylene vinyl acetate, while the Birkenstocks are 100% leather. 


The Birkenstocks have the same design as all the shoes, but the later have different designs. 

Closure type

Birkenstocks have buckle closure types for all sandals, but cushionaire sandals have different closure types for all designs. 


The first one is for women, but men can also wear them. But the latter design their shoes specifically for men and women separately. 


Both shoes are available in various colors with smoothness and proficiency. 


Birkenstocks shoe sizes range from 4 to 16.5 for women and 2 to 14.5 for men. At the same time, the cushionaire brand delivers sizes from 6 to 13 wide only. 


Cushionaire gives quality shoes at a lower cost at the same price for every item. On the other hand, Birkenstocks costs pretty high for the same quality, and prices differ with size. 


Q1. Are they washable?

Ans: Yes, they are washable in machines and with hands.

Q2. Are these sandals only for women or men?

Ans: Basically, these sandals are designed for women, but men can also wear them. 

Q3. Can we increase its width?

Ans: The adjustable buckle helps to adjust the fitting.


Cushionaire brand believes in the fashion of the current era. Their main goal is to empower youth with their astonishing designs and make them able to express themselves. Exploring beauty and style is quite important as it describes the personality of an individual. Cushionaire sandals are the best examples of their passion and determination. 

The material, texture, design, color, everything is outclassed. Cushionaire shoes are very classy and functional for different programs. The design is excellent and unique to adjust the fitting and style of the feet. These are the most preferred and the best shoes for everyday use and a remarkable journey.

FAQ's :

Ans: Yes, they are washable in machines and with hands.

Ans: The adjustable buckle helps to adjust the fitting.

Ans: Basically, these sandals are designed for women, but men can also wear them.

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