Leather Travel Passport Covers For Men & Women

Documents are essential to travel to any place. Travelers who travel often know the significance of the security and protection of documents. It may vary depending on various aspects, as some require a national ID card, and others may require a visa and passport.

The most important and essential document is your passport which needs special care and protection. A tourist should be pretty clear that he cannot travel without a passport, as airport security won’t allow immigration without a passport. For this instance, passport covers are beneficial and easy to use and maintain. The covers are smooth and water-resistant, and some are transparent.

Passport Covers

A passport cover plays a vital role in covering and securing it while moving out. Security requires a valid passport to enter or before immigration. Damaged or torn papers may result in dismissal and you will face a higher risk to deport. So passport covers are essential to protect them from dust, rain, and other factors like torn. They are also valuable to keep them separate and safe to use. You will not need to open up your suitcase to draw out your documents but you will easily get them in your pocket. 

Covers have different categories depending on the requirements. Some covers are water-proof, some may have one pocket but others may get more. They are available in all types, hence, you can choose according to your need. Leatherology is a perfect example of the most suitable passport cover. It is a best case for leather lovers with six pockets for extra use like an ID card. 

1. ACdream Passport and Vaccine Card Holder

ACdream Passport and Vaccine Card Holder

Due to the increase in security for COVID-19, corona vaccination is still compulsory for some states or countries. To manage more documents at a place, ACdream Passport cover and Vaccine Card Holder is premium to use. Due to its separate partitions for both, it is very unique and effective to carry along while travelling. It is very gorgeous and smooth, and also keeps everything organized in one place. 

The material of the case is shiny leather and it also engineers some material to protect from unauthorized scans. Many people worry about the theft of important information from the case. This case blocks 13.56 MHz or greater RFID signals assuring the protection of the valuable data inside. It is very lightweight, slim, and handy to carry anytime. To increase its durability, it keeps protected from heat, water, or cold weather damage. 




2. Fintie passport case

Finite gives more good and different passport covers for adding valuable things while travelling. Carrying documents is essential to fly by any airline. It provides cases that are RFID protected and free from risk of scanning of valuable information. The material is synthetic or denim leather that is very smooth and pleasant to touch. The different slots are available to put other documents also like Vaccine card and debit cards. 

There are three different pockets to hold an ID card, debit card, or a driving licence. Two separate slots will keep the sims inside it and the other partition can hold the immigration pass in it. It is a 2-in-1 holder that can fit everything in it without making it bulky or ridiculous. This case can easily fit in the suitcase pocket or jeans pocket for repeated use. 




3. Leatherology passport cover amazon

Perfect for people who love the accessories made of leather. The leather is recyclable but not old. Leatherology passport cover determines the quality of their products at high range without any insecurity for customers. The main feature of this passport cover is its interior and exterior design and its texture. 

Multiple options are available to customize the wallet with your fashion with separate pricing included. You can select the variety according to your budget or requirement. Six different colors are available that are easy to clean but it requires good care. Leatherology delivers it in fantastic and eye-catching gift boxes, so people prefer to give gift these covers to others. 





Documents are extremely important to carry while travelling to get authorization before boarding. The most essential document is a passport and sometimes a corona vaccination card. That’s why the safety and security of these documents is crucial. Passport covers are beneficial in this regard to make your journey easier and nicer. These cases allow the person to keep all the required data in one place and organized manner. 

Many people remain focused about the security of their private data. This is because some scammers scan the documents without permission even from the protected cases. So, the manufacturers built the covers with a protective fabric layer. Leatherology passport case is the best cover that is at the top of our list and also with good reviews. Don’t forget to carry a passport cover for keeping documents with you while on tour. 

FAQ's :

Ans: No, they are water-resistant but not waterproof. You should use caution to keep your documents dry.

Ans: The cases are highly protected with a layer of RFID material preventing unauthorized scans. A passport cover without this security layer is easy to target for scammers to scan.

Ans: They are not bulky, hence you can easily keep them in your jeans pocket or carry-on.

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